Associate producer, editor, man of all trades for PBS Digital Studios' "Everything But The News." 

Interviewing students and sound editing for Tukitaarvik's online student centre. Providing support for Inuit students.

Arts and culture reporter for The Ottawa Citizen Produced interactive Juno map.

Video editor and producer for Nasa's Goddard Institute of Space Studies Astrobiology Magazine. 

Bi-lingual reporter at Buenos Aires based newspaper The Argentina Independent. Reporting on Latin America 

Freelance graphic design and web production for Western business incubator's annual report

Assistant video editor for London, Ontario based web marketing and video production service.

Beta user of interactive doc making platform Zeega. First interactive doc towards Carleton Master of Journalism thesis.

Research assistant for project 4.7 of Arctic Net. Published working paper on impact of climate change on Inuit Culture. Organized panel discussions in Ottawa and Whitehorse.